Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Network?

A. Networks allow connection of end users with each other. There are a number of public networks, both large and small that are commonly available to government, business and consumers in the USA.  In addition, government, business and individuals can, and do, set up their own private networks. The most common networks are:

Networks are versatile. Data networks can carry voice (such as voice telephone calls over the Internet). voice networks can carry data (for example when you use a dial up Internet connection).

Q. What can Interconnection Services do for a Cellular or PCS Carrier?

A. Interconnection Services can:

Q. As a small paging operator, can Interconnection Services help me with my business?

A. Yes!

First, we can analyze your current interconnection with the local phone company to determine your current status. Second, once we become familiar with your situation, we can recommend a course of action to improve your business. For instance, your paging connections with the local phone company may be incorrectly classified and billed under the phone company's general business tariff. By law, if your business has a radio paging license and sells paging service to the public, you are a Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) carrier and are entitled to treatment by the phone company as a co-carrier. As a CMRS provider, Federal Communications Commission rules stipulate that the local phone company must deliver call traffic to your place of business and must not charge your for the use of numbers. In all likelihood, if your paging business uses Direct Inward Dialing numbers and trunk lines, the phone company can be required to stop charging you for the numbers and facilities they use to deliver local call traffic to your business. You might even be eligible for a refund of some past charges. However, you must request treatment as a CMRS carrier and you must ask for refunds.

Interconnection Services can help the independent paging carrier:

Q. We are an Educational or Government Institution. What can Interconnection Services do for us?

A. Interconnection Services can analyze and recommend strategies for the planning, implementation and operation of Wireless Local Area Networks, PBX systems, Wireless PBX, High Speed Internet Connections and Broadband fiber optic connections to Local and National networks. In addition, we can analyze telephone bills (both local and long distance), service agreements and Customer Service Records to detect errors and/or look for ways to improve network connections to improve efficiency.