Cellular and Paging Carrier Services:

Interconnection Services specializes in assisting Paging and Cellular Carriers with their connections to landline networks including; resource planning, network implementation, strategies for improving network efficiency, NXX Code Requests and other numbering issues, interconnection agreement negotiation and FCC required resource forms filings. In addition, we help other organizations develop new connections or maximize the efficiency of their existing broadband internet connections, PBX systems and short range, wireless local area networks.

Cellular and Paging Carrier Services

Interconnection Agreements

The enactment of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and the continuing development of the Internet have created significant new telecommunications opportunities for Commercial Mobile Radio Service Providers, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers and other Telecommunications  service providers.  Unfortunately, many Local Exchange Carriers continue to impede competition and the development of new telecommunications business by resisting implementation of the Federal Communications Commission rules governing interconnection with other carriers.  In addition, misinformation and misunderstanding of basic network interconnection by inexperienced carriers can lead to costly delays and overpriced facilities.

    Consider the basics of an Interconnection Agreement:
    1. Conforming to FCC Rules
    2. LATA wide Traffic delivery  for CMRS carriers
    3. Reciprocal/symmetrical compensation
    4. UNE pricing
    5. Trouble reporting
    6. Insurance requirements
    7. Co-location

    To optimize your entitlements as directed by the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Interconnection Services can analyze, recommend and negotiate options for your interconnection agreements.
FCC Interconnection Issues
  1. Be informed of up to date FCC interconnection actions that affect your business.
  2. Bring your complaints and or comments to the FCC.
Strategic Planning
  1. Gain efficiencies for your existing connections.
  2. Make your current connections pay you.
  3. Plan for future network connections.
  4. Determine future bandwidth requirements.
Network Implementation
  1. Acquire the connections you need.
  2. Negotiate connection procedures with vendors
  3. Configure your connections for maximum profit
Number Portability
  1. Understand FCC Mandates and how they effect your business
  2. Port your numbers for profit
Numbering Resources
  1. Number pooling requests for all wireless carriers except Paging Carriers
  2. NXX code requests for Paging Carriers only
  3. Understanding the numbering system
  4. Get the numbers you need
  5. Requesting number assignments
  6. Process-Rules
  7. Port your numbers for profit
SS7 Interconnection
  1. Understand SS7 Interconnection
  2. Are you paying too much for your data links?
  3. How to sell the sizzle with the bacon
Filing Form 502

Interconnection Services can file your Form 502 or assist you in completing the form yourself.

  1. You are required by the FCC to file Form 502 twice each year (February 1 and August 1)
  2. Form 502 reports the current usage of numbering resources and forecast future requirements to the North American Numbering Plan Administrators