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Vic Jackson

Interconnection Services, In.
Founder and President
Senior Telecommunications Consultant

Vic Jackson Photo

With over 30 years in the telecommunications business, Vic Jackson brings clients a wealth of experience in planning, implementing and managing both voice and data communications systems. His current client base includes telecommunications providers and other institutions throughout the United States. As the Interconnection Consultant to Washington D.C. law firms and telecommunications businesses, he represents clients with all interconnection related issues.

Vic is a nationally recognized authority on telecommunications issues making presentations before industry groups, FCC staff, Regional Bell Operating companies and State Commissions. His background includes technical and telecommunications systems management, including; telephone networks, cellular mobile systems, paging systems and computer applications.

Jim Anderson

Interconnection Services, Inc.
Senior Telecommunications Consultant

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Dr. Jim Anderson has more than 25 years experience in the telecommunications business including 20 years as a practicing attorney specializing in telecommunications issues. He is a current member of the New Hampshire, Michigan and Florida Bar Associations. Jim has an extensive background in public utility commission work both as a staff member and in representing clients before the commission. He has represented residential ratepayer interests in all areas of utility regulation before the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, New Hampshire Legislature and state courts. He has also represented small and large utility companies and various telecommunications common carriers before the Michigan Public Service Commission and state and federal courts. In addition, Dr. Anderson holds teaching positions at both Michigan State University and Lansing Community College. He currently teaches college level courses on the Internet and is certified in the use of Blackboard Software.

Jeff Ballor

Interconnection Services, Inc.
Computer Service Specialist

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With over 10 years experience repairing personal computers, Jeff Ballor specializes in repair and performance optimization of laptop and desktop computer systems and networks. Certified in Computers and Electronics Repair, Jeff is skilled in both computer hardware and software setup, maintenance and repair.